Course Description & Details

This is tailored for the service contractor who will gain an understanding of how to maintain the equipment at a high level, once the warranty maintenance contract has expired with the Authorised Product Partner. This training class is held at the Smardt-PowerPax facility Bayswater North, Victoria. Whilst Smardt-PowerPax encourages that the maintenance agreement is retained with our product partners to provide and implement the correct maintenance procedures. Smardt-PowerPax acknowledges that there will be times where other service companies will provide preventative maintenance on the Smardt-PowerPax equipment. This course will allow for that situation although it is strongly recommended to engage an authorized Smardt / PowerPax partner to perform the quarterly maintenances.


144 Colchester Rd, Bayswater North, Vic, 3153
(Note: This is approximately a 60 minute trip from the Melbourne Airport)

Course Outline

  • Smardt-PowerPax Centrifugal Chillers
    • key features of both the chiller and compressor
    • discussion on centrifugal compressors

  • Danfoss Turbocor Compressor
    • detailed study of major components
    • methods of controlling the compressor
    • troubleshooting and maintenance

  • Smardt-PowerPax / Danfoss Turbocor Software
  • Chiller Controls Password Protected
  • General Maintenance
  • Factory Tour

Competencies Achieved

  • Danfoss Turbocor Compressors
    • TT300 components and troubleshooting
    • TT350 components and troubleshooting
    • TT400 components and troubleshooting
    • TT500 components and troubleshooting
    • Danfoss Turbocor monitoring software

Smardt-PowerPax Chiller range

  • Air Cooled
  • Evaporative condenser
  • Water cooled
  • Split chillers
  • Condenser less
  • Evaporator less

Smardt-PowerPax Chiller Controller

  • Basic setup and adjustments

Smardt-PowerPax Expansion Valves

  • Expansion valve controller setup and adjustments
  • Expansion valve

This course provides the individual technician with the information to carry out maintenance schedules outside the warranty period.

This certification will remain valid of 18 months, beyond which a refresher course may need to be attended unless otherwise indicated by Smardt-PowerPax.


27 hours over 3 days. First day 9.30am - 6:00pm. Second day 8.00am - 6.00pm Third day 8.00am - 4.30 pm

Cost: AUD 2,750.00

Once the applicant has successfully completed the written exam with the appropriate pass mark at the end of the course the following will be provided to each participant:

Smardt-PowerPax and Danfoss Turbocor software, the relevant manuals in electronic format a Danfoss Turbocor DC Power Test Lead for the compressor, a USB-serial Adaptor, a Null Modem Cable and a Certificate of attendance valid for 18 months.

**These prices are all exclusive of GST and are per person per company. A cancellation fee of 30% is payable when cancellation occurs within 14 days of the scheduled class date, 60% is payable if cancellation occurs within 7 days, and 100% is payable if cancellation occurs within 24 hours, or in the event of non-attendance

Application forms available below. Please either complete and submit the online form or complete and return the PDF it to the attention of the Service Manager

via Fax (03) 9761 6707

or email: