Revolutionising the Air Conditioning Industry

Outstanding Energy Efficiency: The Smardt-PowerPax range of chillers offer competitive full load and outstanding part load energy efficiencies. The compressor technology offers efficiencies 33 - 50% greater than existing technologies.

Totally Oil Free Operation: No oil management hardware, controls or downtime costs. Oil free technology greatly improves heat transfer over the lifetime of the product.

Extended Equipment Life with Minimal Scheduled Maintenance: Solid-state electronics, no lubrication and no metal-to-metal contact of rotating components.

Integrated Controls and Electronics: Enables effective monitoring, control and self-diagnosis/correction of the system operation.

Environmentally Friendly: Optimized for CFC-free HFC-134a. Reduced energy consumption results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Exceptionally Quiet Operation: Compressors operate at 70dBA (coversation level) sound with virtually no vibration. Our air cooled models come with ultra quiet fans as standard.

Hear the Difference !!!

Click on the link below to hear the sound of a typical screw compressor (85 dBA)

Click on the link below to hear the sound of a Turbocor compressor (73 dBA)

The sound files above are in .MP3 format. Differences in speaker settings will affect the volume of the files. Both files were recorded at one meter away from the compressor.