Clever Cooling Solutions

Clever Cooling Solutions:

The difference is in the technology. The Smardt-PowerPax chiller range utilizes the worlds first totally oil-free and most advanced compressor technology providing the ultimate in energy efficient cooling for the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) industry. New advances in compressor technology offer new energy efficiencies never before seen by the industry.

Convergence of aerospace and industrial proven magentic bearings, varibale speed compression, and inbuilt digital electronic technologies enable Smardt-PowerPax to offer the worlds most advanced HVACR solutions and achieve amongst the highest efficiencies for the mid-sized market with water cooled, air cooled, and evaporative cooled product applications.

Compressor Technology Advances

Magnetic Bearings:

  • The compressor's rotor shafts and impellers levitate during rotation and float on a magnetic cushion, totally eliminating oil from the system.
  • Two radial and one axial magnetic bearing are employed to ensure accuracte shaft levitation.
  • Bearing sensors feed back real-time orbit information to digitally controlled bearings.
  • Centred rotation in instantaneously self-corrected and maintained.
  • When not powered, the rotor is supported by carbon composite, touchdown bearnings which are designed for longevity.

Variable Frequency Drive:

  • The compressors speed adjusts to changes in load and/or condensing temperature.
  • As compressor speed reduces due to lower loads and/or condensing temperature, energy consumption dramatically reduces. Part load energy efficiency is outstanding and leads the industry with energy savings greater than 30% comapred to traditional screw compressor technology.

Onboard Compressor Controls:

  • The Danfoss Turbocor compressors are the world's first "smart" compressors.
  • Microprocessors proactively manage compressor operation.
  • Self diagnosis and correction are inbuilt.
  • Plug n' Play control modules are easy to replace on site.
  • Interactive control capabilities with easy access for BAS and web-enabled monitoring.

Centrifugal Compression:

  • Centrifugal compression offers higher aerodynamic efficiency compared to any other compressor designs.
  • Variable-speed drive provides best part load efficiency, and operates most effectively with centrifugal compression.
  • The compressors have only one main moving part - the impellers are keyed directly to the rotor.
  • Compressor have two stages of contrifugal compression.
  • Well-proved, long term central plant applications.

Quiet Operation, Low Vibration:

  • The Danfoss Turbocor compressors are the quietest compressors in the industry!
  • Compressors operate at 70dBA (coversation level) sound with virtually no vibration.
  • Given normal equipment room background sound levels, you literally can not hear the compressor operate.

Extended Equipment Life with Minimal Scheduled Maintenance:

  • Compressor has solid-state electronics.
  • With only one main moving part which has no metal to metal contact equipment life is dramatically extended.
  • No oil in the system substantially decreases the need for ongoing maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly:

  • Compressor is designed and optimised for use with CFC-free, R134a.
  • High energy efficiency means reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Chiller Technology Advances