WA240.5H - 2400kWr Water Cooled Chiller

Smardt-Powerpax water cooled chillers utilize the Smardt-Powerpax high efficiency flooded evaporator, shell and tube condenser, and integrated controls in combination with the revolutionary Danfoss Turbocor oil free centrifugal compressor. As a result we are able to offer the smartest and most efficient water cooled chiller in this mid-size range.

This highly efficient 2400kWr water cooled chiller is suitable for all comfort cooling chiller applications. This model uses five Oilfree Danfoss Turbocor compressors, providing excellent redundancy and low load capabilities.

Technical data sheet and dimension drawings are available, please contact sales@powerpax.com.au


Parameter  Value
kWr  2400
Number of Compressors  5
Type of compressor  Oilfree Turbocompressor
Sounds Level dBA (in 1m field) 84.4
IPLV (integrated part load value)  11.06



Parameter Dimension
Length 5530mm
Width 2141mm
Height 1852mm
Operational Weight 10530kg


 Note: Detailed product specifications and  full installation dimensions are available. Smardt-PowerPax product range is subject to change without notice. Dimensions and weights are subject to change with any alteration to original design. Please consult PowerPax for actual dimensions prior to purchase.

Product Code: WA240.5H

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