Asia Pacific Breweries - Tiger Brewery

In 2013 an Energy Audit was conducted at Asia Pacific Breweries in Singapore, and this identified that a significant improvement measure would be to replace the existing chillers with a more energy efficient, Smardt variable speed oil free chiller.

The implementation of this was subsequently carried out in May 2014, and the energy savings verified in August 2014, which showed a 40% reduction in energy consumption.

The existing chillers were operating in a range from 0.65 to 1.3 kW/RT (average of 0.82 kW/RT) whereas the Smardt Chillers after the retrofit were operating in a range of 0.35 to 0.8 kW/RT, providing an average efficiency of 0.49 kW/RT.

Our equipment was offered and supplied to the customer by our Partner Gary Mortimer from Power Management Systems.


1 x WA096 (290RT)