Australian Museum

The Australian Museum in Sydney was established in 1827. It is Australia’s first museum and has one of the most unique and extensive collections of natural and cultural specimens in the country.

Such significant collections require constant temperature and humidity conditions, continuously throughout the year. Chiller load varies throughout the year and any successful chiller must be able to operate from full load in summer, to a low load of 100-250kw in winter.

In the course of a major system upgrade, the existing screw chillers were identified as not being capable of supporting the Australian Museum’s drive for energy efficiency.

A tender process was conducted for an energy efficient replacement for these chillers and a 1800kW Smardt - PowerPax WA190.4H chiller with 4 compressors was chosen.

The Museum has a comprehensive monitoring and control system which provides regular reports on energy consumption.

Of particular importance in the selection process was the redundancy of the Smardt-PowerPax chiller. It can continue to operate even if there are compressor failures.

The Smardt - PowerPax chiller is meeting and exceeding the energy efficiency criteria and operating parameters required by the Museum.

After the system upgrade, the museum won an Award for Excellence in Sustainability recognising businesses that are working to reduce the impact of their operations on the environment.

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1 x WA190.4H