Smardt-PowerPax is based in Bayswater North, Melbourne, Victoria where it carries out the business of manufacturing chiller packages and DX condensing units for both the air conditioning and industrial process cooling markets in Australia.

Since commencing business in 1999, the Smardt-PowerPax philosophy has been simple: develop state of the art cooling solutions that are more reliable, more efficient, more environmentally friendly and require less ongoing maintenance and parts than conventional equipment.

The outcome is a more economic, harder working, clever cooling solution.

Working hand in hand with Danfoss Turbocor longer than any other HVAC manufacturer in the world, Smardt-PowerPax has the most experience with this cutting edge technology and has worked hard to maximise the efficiencies and small footprint the compressor technology affords.

Smardt-PowerPax has continued to grow and expand its range of energy efficient cooling solutions, earning us both the AIRAH State Refrigeration Award for Excellence and the National Refrigeration Award for Excellence in 2004 - recognising our world leading chiller technology for its innovation in providing low noise and vibration levels, low starting current and highly efficient unloading.

Our commitment to offering customers large scale efficiency, performance gains, and green cooling solutions has seen incredible growth within the company and in July 2007 Smardt-PowerPax moved premises to increase its production capacity to meet demand.

Smardt-PowerPax continues to expand its product range to provide its customers with state of the art, environmentally friendly clever cooling solutions.